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NEWCON has a clearly defined feature on the national and international market of service integrators and management consultants: NEWCON covers the complete value added chain of its business customers, which are mainly from the enterprise customers sector. NEWCON offers a wide range of services, starting with Top Level Management Consulting (strategic consulting) and going to service integration and outsourcing of whole applications. Insofar strategies are realized with a very enduring approach under full responsibility of NEWCON. NEWCON can offer this approach because its management team and several of its employees have been working for several years in top positions in the sectors of IT, Telecommunication and Utilities. The company’s chairman, Gerald Haidl, did hold national and international management positions and still continuously takes over such roles for customers of NEWCON on an interim basis. The whole team of NEWCON consists of professional consultants, that possess years of experience in their individual field of activities and for the better part are national and international accepted specialists in their field of work. So the companies CTO, Christoph Mazakarini, is well known as international top mediation expert and is responsible for product- and partner strategies at NEWCON.


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